What can We learn from kids?

2016-07-08 11:56:51

Jan Vasil
What can We learn from kids?

I just recently spend a longer weekend with my brother and his 3 kids. We did amazing activities and had a lot of fun together. Besides that I had time to observe how they behave, how they talk and do stuff. Here are 4 major things which We all could learn from kids:

1. Ask more questions.

Kids are amazing askers. They are asking questions all the time and want to learn and understand everything. If You have a child You know what I am talking about. On the other side We adults are not doing it often enough. Why is that? Do We think that We know everything and we do not need to ask anymore? Why have we tendency to tell more than ask? I think asking questions should be mandatory for all adults. We should simply start to ask more every day. It’s cool to discover and learn something new and get satisfied by getting answers to our questions.

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