2016-08-10 09:30:47

Jan Vasil
My last Monday started as usual. I woke up, had breakfast and prepared for work. Firstly I reviewed my social platforms (by the way thank you for following me) after the weekend and then got ready to post my #mondaymotivation quote on Instagram. When I did it I started to think why am I actually doing this. Why people need a motivation for a specific day? Is there something special about Monday? After a small research online I have found out that in most of the surveys Mondays ended up as the most stressful day in a week. People are frustrated about getting back to work after the weekend. Some of them hate Mondays because of their work or bosses. But don’t worry, there were also people which take Mondays positively. They like to start something new at work, new diet or a new training plan.

As I am taking Mondays as any other day of a week I have decided to share with You my ultimate guidance how to make the best out of it and “Master Your Monday” as well.

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