Instagram Stories - the powerful tool

2018-02-27 15:40:08

Jan Vasil
Instagram had launched their stories almost 2 years ago. Since then more than 250 million stories were published, beating their biggest competitor Snapchat for more than 100 million.
With this function, you as a coach have one of the biggest marketing tool available for FREE. Publishing an Instagram story is very a simple thing. Every user has it automatically available once they sign up for Instagram. So why to not use it? Why not show your followers, fans, and clients who you really are and what you do?
And why you should do so? During my social media consultant career, I have seen business gaining more attention with Instagram stories than other marketing activities. Be it prints, google ads or Facebook live videos. On the other hand, among the groups which are not using its full potential are coaches and freelancers. Why is that? Are you afraid of technologies and social media? Almost every coach here pays 57zl to advertise their profile and hopes somebody clicks to their website, so they can gain some clients. I say, save that 57zl and rather have a coffee and dessert in a coffee house. Post 3, 5 or even 7 stories to Instagram and show your followers what you do. Then post 2-3 ideas which came to your mind and start a conversation. Explain what book you are reading, what interesting discussion you had with clients, how you helped them etc. Don't be afraid of talking. This is not why you paid that 10000zl for your coaching course and the certification. Bring some value to your followers, fans, and clients instead of just squeezing their wallets. Start using Instagram stories to gain attention and grow your business. Think about it.
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