david Arnold

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Feel more confident and express myself with less hesitation to others; personal reasons. Listen and understand better in all situations; socially, business and otherwise. Make positive impressions with new people whether I travel or socialize here at home; for fun. Express my ideas clearly to others for fun and to profit from when I am at work; be understood. Be sure I can be employed or employ myself in a career which I will enjoy more and pay me better than now; better job and future. Speaking for success at job interviews, with clients and partners, in promotion applications, to gain a presence or promote myself in business meetings, networking and other opportunities which advance my career Communicate my ideas about subjects important to me for deeper and meaningful discussion in all types of relationships. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your own definition of success in your life. My challenge is to bring out the answers you may not fully realize you have for yourself. Set goals within achievable time frames, make some plans and then promise action, discussion and more action with successes and then new objectives and so on. This is a very simplified version of how coaching can get you further and further ahead to a place where you really want to be.
tel. 502353631 lub 502353803
Trójmiasto, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot,
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Degrees in Business and Psychology


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