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Who Am I? My name is Rob Duffy. I am a Personal & Business Coach in Poznan. My mission is to help people see their true potential, help them find their purpose, meaning and more freedom in their lives and raise them up to believe in themselves helping them become unstoppable forces in the world. How Did I Get Into Coaching? Changing career in 2013, I went from working a secure job for 15 years which didn’t satisfy an inner desire, to finishing a Hons BSc degree and setting up my Coaching Practice embarking on this transformational coaching work with clients. Why You Should Get in Touch? I know what it feels like to be less than satisfied by the direction life is going in. I realised that ‘nobody was coming to save me’ and that if I wanted to achieve personal freedom and happiness, I was going to have to step out of my comfort zone. Are You Ready For A Breakthrough? I made the decision to leave my old career in 2011 and set a list of goals to be achieved to make the transition from where I was to where I am now. Let me help you do something similar!
Feel free to book a session with me using this link.
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